• SE Asia,  Thailand

    Chiang Rai

    From the outside it didn’t look like much. However, as soon as I stepped inside, I was drawn to the tranquil energy in the room. The room was very much blue with beautiful, intricate designs, few people, calm meditation music playing in the background, and an incredible peaceful atmosphere that immediately took me in. I headed over to the white Buddha in the “Touching the Earth” mudra at the front of the temple and kneeled down in front of him. I was captivated. I closed my eyes and started meditating. I found the complete peace and quiet inside me that I always try to reach when I meditate back home…

  • SE Asia,  Thailand


    In spite of having had a late night the previous one, we managed to wake up early and take a train to Ayutthaya. We were supposed to have gone the day before but having woken up late, we missed it. The local expats we were out with the night before recommended it saying that it was the Angkor Wat of Thailand, so we made it our priority this day. The train was a slow local one and the ride took almost two hours, much longer than we’d expected. When we arrived in Ayutthaya and left the train station, we had no idea where to go. There were absolutely no signs…

  • SE Asia,  Thailand


    I had heard a lot of bad things about Bangkok – smelly, dirty, polluted, chaotic, loud – so my expectations were low. It goes to show that expectations have a big effect on how we perceive things because I liked it more than I had thought I would. Sure, it is all those things: once in a while you do get a whiff of the funky smell coming from the sewers, and yes, it’s dirty and chaotic. Nevertheless, and maybe it’s because I’m coming from also-dirty-and-chaotic Rome, I thought it wasn’t all that bad. I had imagined having to walk around covering my nose and not being able to breathe…

  • Europe


    Spectacular landscapes. Mountains, forests, fjords. A dream of mine for quite some time….but expensive. This last one keeps people from going to this incredible country, even though many have shared this dream with me. I’m here to tell you why you should fork up the money and just go already! Last summer, I took on a nine-week summer position in Switzerland. I knew the position would require sacrifice: missing out on summer in Rome, long hours, being stranded in a small mountain village, no social life, the list goes on. I decided that if I was going to make those sacrifices, I would treat myself to a trip to the…

  • Italy,  Rome

    All the Things to Love about Rome

    Daily life in Rome is just enjoyable. I used to live for vacations. Now, while I still love travelling, it’s not all I look forward to. I enjoy my morning coffee and “cornetto” at the bar, the beautiful walk home, an aperitivo with friends, and having so many things to do at night or in the weekends. Should I go to one of Rome’s beautiful parks, for a walk in the city center, a museum, the movies, my favorite bar, a restaurant for a good meal, or maybe just linger over an aperitif? Perhaps I should take a day trip somewhere near. Rome is inundated with history and art, has…

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    Living in Rome

    This is an old blog post from May 2017… Uncertain of how long I was coming for, I arrived in Rome on May 1, 2014. At the time, I knew deep down I wanted to stay, but I had told everyone I was coming “for a little while” and I had only packed for the summer. Yet, I don’t think that at that time I could’ve imagined I’d end up staying for as long as I have. When I first arrived, I saw everything as if through a child’s eyes. Everything was new to me, and all the sights, sounds, and smells moved me. There is beauty everywhere here, from…

  • Welcome


    Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I have been shooting and writing for as long as I can remember. A shy, quiet, and reflective introvert by nature, I’ve always best expressed myself through writing. After thinking about it for quite some time, I’ve finally decided to start sharing my writings with others, along with the photos that help tell the story. Thus, this is a glimpse into my inner world, my experiences, and the beautiful places I visit along the way. Monica